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Issue with gzip compressed page #3

fpietrosanti opened this Issue · 2 comments

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It seems that t2w is not working properly for compressed pages.


KO: Does not work with a browser (safari/firefox):

KO: Does not work with curl with enabled compression
curl -v -v --compressed

But it works with Curl/Wget default parameter: (no compression by default)
curl -v -v

So it seems that there is something related to gzip compression.


This is actually not a problem with encoding, but it's related to Transfer-Encoding: chunked.

The naive thing I did is advertise that I only support HTTP 1.0, though web servers are not so kind to respect me :(.

This is a known issue with the twisted parts that I am using and some people have figured out a way to make it work, but it requires a little bit of effort.

I am going to dump here some related links and work on it as soon as I fix the other bugs:

In particular tx-pendrell appears to be a good choise, though it is very poorly documented (even worse than twisted :P), but they have an implementation of a client that works with chunked transfer encoding. It needs some work to get it to fit to tor2web though:


I found a workaround for this. If the client advertised to not support gzip nginx will not send transfer-encoding: chunked. I will for the moment close this ticket.

@hellais hellais closed this
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