Code structure

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This file specify what's the content of directories and files present in Tor2Web-3.0 repository.

This file is part of Tor2web documentation wiki


  • LICENSE: GNU Affero General Public License 3
  • general project entry point
  • starting point of Tor2web code
  • tor2web.conf.example: contains a Tor2web configuration example
  • contains the Tor2web core


  • configiguration parsing library
  • contains the definition for classes useful to parse and update list files
  • mail: mailing routines library
  • socksv5 library
  • contains a Storage (Dictionary Like) class definition
  • contains a Templating class used for HTML rendering


In this directory need to be installed Tor2web certificates.

As examples its contains the following The following files:

  • tor2web_dh_test.pem, a file containing Diffie Hellman parameters
  • tor2web-intermediate_cert_test.pem, a file containing the full ordered certifice chain
  • tor2web_key_test.key, a file containing the private key


In this directory stay the additional files and scripts useful to run a Tor2web node


  • tor2web.init, debian init script #### Tor2Web-3.0/contrib/monit
  • tor, monit script for Tor
  • tor2web monit script for Tor2web


In this directory stay some files used by Tor2web to configure blocklist

  • blocked_ua.txt, used to filter some client User Agents
  • blocklist_cleartext.txt, used to filter some destination HS and pages in cleartext mode
  • blocklist_hashed.txt, used to filter some destination HS and pages in hashed mode
  • exitnodelist.txt, list of tor exit nodes (created and updated by tor2web automagically)


  • index.html
  • tor2web.(css|js)
  • tor2web[-small,-big].png: logos of tor2web in different size,


In this directory stay some templating files used by Tor2web

  • banner.tpl
  • error_generic.tpl
  • error_hs_specific_page_blocked.tpl
  • error_sock_generic.tpl
  • error_sock_hs_not_reachable.tpl
  • error_blocked_ua.tpl
  • error_hs_completely_blocked.tpl
  • error_invalid_hostname.tpl
  • error_sock_hs_not_found.tpl
  • tos.tpl