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If you have any problem with Tor2web that does not start up properly, please follow that small guidelines:

  1. Enable Debugging to Standard Output Edit tor2web configuration file
vim /etc/tor2web.conf

Add debugging to stdout

debugtostdout = True
debugmode = True
  1. Install strace on Linux Install strace for Linux in order to have further system call debugging (open files, permission denied, etc)
apt-get install strace
  1. Start Tor2web with debugging Then start the software from commandline as follow
strace -f -vvv -o strace-tor2web.out tor2web --pidfile /var/run/tor2web/ --uid tor2web --gid tor2web --nodaemon --command=start

Now analyze the output of Tor2web to check if you can spot the problem and fix if, analyze the file strace-tor2web.out from the bottom to understand what the software was doing before being closed / not starting.

If you don't come up with a configuration or permission issue, please open a ticket and attach:

  • Output of Tor2web
  • Output of strace-tor2web.out
  • The configuration file /etc/tor2web.conf
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