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The following are current main features:

  • Transparent proxying of requests from Internet to Tor hidden services
  • SSL Encryption with hardened ciphers
  • URL rewriting (All static and dynamic ONION related URLs should be rewritten. Non ONION url must not be proxed)
  • Blocklist management (certain illegal content URL must be blocked)
  • Blocklist kept by hash, not in clear text
  • Standard template for Errors
  • Disclaimer Header in all proxed web pages see the text
  • Abuse reporting
  • Problem reporting
  • Warning while leaving tor2web following other links
  • Prevent fetching directly files from a tor2web website (referral check)
  • Search Engine blocks
  • Check for users coming directly to Tor and redirect them to .onion
  • Drop uid/gid for security
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