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This section talk about the maintenance of a Tor2web node.

Mitigating Takedown

Keeping a Tor2web node running means taking care of handling abuses requests that can come for each node.

Please consider that your ISP may not like that you run a Tor2web node, that will consider it as an Open Proxy, and so will likely disconnect you.

Certain ISP may misunderstood that you are just a running a proxy and, considering that you are hosting certain content, may just immediately takedown your system.

Please be polite with your ISP, handle the abuses coming from them quickly and if needed adapt your blocklist and/or move to another more tolerant ISP.

Managing your blocklist

Managing a blocklist is not an easy stuff, first because you must be very clear about your abuse policy claims.

Generally you will not block anything, unless it create serious risks to the availability of the node, risking takedown.

It's very important also to pay attention not to block URL with sub-prefix that are on multiple hosting server, for example freedom host or other systems.

Always check the claim you receive, evaluate if the content is really creating a risks to the availability of your node or not, and act only on the basis of that risk.

Monitoring your health status

TODO: How to verify that your tor2web is working properly

Renew your digital certificate

Remember that your digital certificate have an expiry time, so remember to renew it on-time. To do so, write an entry to a calendar reminder system to advice you at least 1 month in advance that the node is going to expire.

Keep connected with Tor2web community

Always stay in touch with the Tor2web community by subscribing to the Tor2web-talk public mailing list and ask to get on Tor2web operator mailing lists to exchange ideas and opinions on node operations.

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