Setting up development environment

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This guide will help you to set up the environment for developing Tor2web. In this guide (evolving during the development) you will find updated information to get engaged in the development of Tor2web.

Installation procedure

Note: even though step 2. here is not required (setting up a virtualenv), you may find it useful to keep sandboxed your application dependencies.


We assume that

  • A little practice with unix environments;
  • Python version 2.7 already available on your system;
  • virtualenv up and configured.

The Virtual Environment

Once cd path/to/tor2web, set up a virtualenv called t2wenv and install Tor2web's dependencies.

$ virtualenv -p python2.7 t2wenv
$ source t2wenv/bin/activate
(t2wenv)$ pip install -r requirements.txt

Unit testing



Congratulations! You are now ready to contribute to the Tor2web project. You now may continue to Code Structure to get a basic idea of how the code is organized and why.

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