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Tor2web is an HTTP proxy software that enables access to Tor Hidden Services by mean of common web browsers.

Tor2web started as a concept by Aaron Swartz that has been initially implemented as a stateless apache reverse proxy module available on github.

The project is now part of a larger project (GlobaLeaks documentation), and is a crucial point in an architectural design aimed to make Tor hidden service easily reachable for all internet users, even if they have not installed Tor.

Tor2web 3 is an Open Source software released under Free Affero GPL License.

To discuss with developers and tor2web operators join the Tor2web-Talk mailing list (Thanks GreenHost for hosting it).

For more general information, take a look reference site.

Tor2web Documentation

The following sections represent Tor2web documentation:

  • Features section provides a description of the features implemented;
  • Research section documents the ongoing research;
  • OpenData section documents the open data provided by Tor2web.
  • Extra Features section describe "Tor Browser Download" and "TorCheck" Tor2web facilities;
  • Setup Guide section provides setup guidelines;
  • Software Development section documents Tor2web Software development;
  • Infrastructure section describes our own development architecture;
  • Contribute section describes how you can contribute to the Tor2web project.

Setup guide

Tor2web adopters need a Linux server.

Software development

A developer approaching to Tor2web, needs to be skilled in Python 2.7, having a good knowledge of web communication, Tor networking and Twisted framework.

Extra Features

Tor2web do provide extra facilities such as:

  • GetTor to download Tor Browser in an automatic way from a single url
  • CheckTor to easily check from a third party site if you're on Tor or not with a simple JS script

Contribute to Tor2web

You can contribute in different ways.

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