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Elasticsearch configuration using microcosm wiring.


  • Provides a microcosm compatible Elasticsearch client

    • Support vanilla Elasticsearch 6.x
    • Support standard credentials and signed requests for AWS Elasticsearch
  • Includes an implementation of a persistence Store using Elasticsarch

Basic usage

See for a minimal example of how to define an index, some models, a store and search index.

Polymorphic models

Starting with version 6 ElasticSearch removed support for multiple mapping types per index.

For applications that need polymorphic types within the same index, microcosm-elasticsearch enables customization of the doctype field and instantiation of an apropriate Model based on this field (which defaults to the lowercased model class name.

For example, with this model defintion:

from elasticsearch_dsl.field import Text
from microcosm_elasticsearch import Model

class Person(Model):
    first = Text()
    last = Text()

person_store.create(Person(first="William", last="The Conqueror"))

The resulting record in ElasticSearch will look like:

    "first": "William",
    "last": "The Conqueror",
    "doctype": "person"

And querying will return an instance of Person (vs Hit) for this record.


Unit tests depend on a running instance of Elasticsearch:

  1. Bring up the ES with docker-compose:

     docker-compose up -d
  2. Run tests:



When using vanilla Elasticsearch, set: = localhost
config.elasticsearch_client.username = elastic
config.elasticsearch_client.password = changeme

When using with an AWS Elasticsearch instance, set the usual AWS_* variables and use: = some-host-name
config.elasticsearch_client.use_aws4auth = 'true'