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Conventions for exposing a Property Graph view of data
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Conventions for exposing a property graph view of data.

Exporting to Neo4J

Services which expose the Node/Relationship conventions defined in this package make for easy exporting of data to a Property Graph-style database, e.g. Neo4J.

This is facilitiated by two API endpoints:

  • GET /api/v1/node - Enumerate all nodes in the graph, returning their id, types and scalar-valued properties.
  • GET /api/v1/relationship - Enumerate all relationships between nodes in graph ,returning the start/end node ids, relation type, and relation properties.


To load up data into a Neo4j instance, we can use the Neo4j import functionality to import nodes and relationships from CSV files.

We supply a couple of utility scripts that makes the transformation from the raw API output to required Neo4J import CSV format. Typical usage would look like this:

http |  neo4j-nodes - nodes.csv
http | neo4j-relationships - relationships.csv
neo4j_home$ bin/neo4j-admin import --nodes nodes.csv --relationships relationships.csv
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