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Node Express Conventions

nodule-express aims to define basic routes for Node Express gateways to focus on definiing logic for actual API endpoints and leave basic error handling and express set up to this library


By importing nodule-express, the following bindings are made available.


  • middleware.basicAuth injects a basic auth middleware
  • middleware.errorHandler injects a middleware to show unhandled errors in JSON format. This middleware should be use at the end of the middleware's chain inside the express app.


  • returns an Express instance
  • returns a microcosm-compatible health check endpoint
  • routes.notFound return a 404-generating endpoint
  • routes.unauthorized return a 401-generating endpoint


  • install: Install dependencies and save to yarn.lock file
  • lint: Runs airbnb flavored eslint
  • build: Runs tests and transpiles ES6 -> ES5
  • test: Runs tests
  • test:watch: Runs tests watching files changes


Endpoints should throw errors when something fails. Within nodule-express, it is expected that:

  • All errors define code that can be used by API consumers for error handling business logic
  • Most errors will borrow from HTTP error codes (because they have well-known, useful semantics)
  • Error codes should be visible to API consumers via error.extensions

Local Development

Local development of nodule-express with other repos has a few common pitfalls related to the usage of peer dependencies:

  • nodule-config is a peer-dependency because various libraries act as plugins to it and it needs a single import of bottlejs to share plugin state

To work with nodule-express locally:

  1. Run yarn build within nodule-express to transpile the source.

  2. Change directories to your local repo that you want to test against nodule-express.

  3. Run yarn add /path/to/nodule-express to copy the transpiled source into your local repo. Do NOT use yarn link

  4. After running yarn add, remove (or move-of-the-way) the nodule_modules from within nodule_modules/@globality/nodule-express/