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Globalize.locale( [locale|cldr] )

Set default locale, or get it if locale argument is omitted.

Return the default Cldr instance.

An application that supports globalization and/or localization will need to have a way to determine the user's preference. Attempting to automatically determine the appropriate locale is useful, but it is good practice to always offer the user a choice, by whatever means.

Whatever your mechanism, it is likely that you will have to correlate the user's preferences with the list of locale data supported in the app. This method allows you to select the best match given the locale data that you have included and to set the Globalize locale to the one which the user prefers.

LanguageMatching TBD (CLDR's spec



  • The locale string, e.g., "en", "pt-BR", or "zh-Hant-TW". Or,
  • The Cldr instance, e.g., new Cldr( "en" ).


Prior to using this function, you must load cldr/supplemental/likelySubtags.json. Read CLDR content if you need more information.

// Set "pt" as our default locale.
Globalize.locale( "pt" );

// Get default locale.
// > {
//   attributes: {
//      "languageId": "pt",
//      "maxLanguageId": "pt_Latn_BR",
//      "language": "pt",
//      "script": "Latn",
//      "territory": "BR",
//      "region": "BR"
//   },
//   some more stuff...
// }