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Unicode CLDR usage

How do I get CLDR data?

By downloading the JSON packages individually...

Unicode CLDR is available as JSON at (after this json-packaging proposal took place). Please, read for more information about package organization.

By using a package manager...

cldr-data can be used for convenience. It always downloads from the correct source.

Use bower bower install cldr-data (detailed instructions) or npm npm install cldr-data. For more information, see:

How do I load CLDR data into Globalize?

The short answer is by using Globalize.load() and passing the JSON data as the first argument. Below, follow several examples on how this could be accomplished.

Example of embedding CLDR JSON data:

  main: {
    en: {
  supplemental: {
    likelySubtags: {
    timeDate: {
    weekData: {

Example of loading it dynamically:

<script src="jquery.js"></script>

// Use $.getJSON instead of $.get if your server is not configured to return the
// right MIME type for .json files.
  $.get( "cldr/main/en/ca-gregorian.json" ),
  $.get( "cldr/supplemental/likelySubtags.json" ),
  $.get( "cldr/supplemental/timeData.json" ),
  $.get( "cldr/supplemental/weekData.json" )
).then(function() {

  // Normalize $.get results, we only need the JSON, not the request statuses.
  return [].slice.apply( arguments, [ 0 ] ).map(function( result ) {
      return result[ 0 ];

}).then( Globalize.load ).then(function() {

  // Your code goes here.



Example using AMD (also see our functional tests):

], function( Globalize, enCaGregorian, likelySubtags, timeData, weekData ) {


  // Your code goes here.


Example using Node.js:

var Globalize = require( "globalize" );

  require( "cldr-data/main/en/ca-gregorian" ),
  require( "cldr-data/supplemental/likelySubtags" ),
  require( "cldr-data/supplemental/timeData" ),
  require( "cldr-data/supplemental/weekData" )