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Hello World (AMD + bower)

We assume you know what AMD and bower is.

The demo is composed of the following files:

├── index.html
└── main.js

Before running it, execute the requirements below.


1. Install Globalize

Let's use bower to download Globalize. For more information on regard of installation, please read Getting Started.

bower install

Note bower will also fetch some other dependencies of this demo, eg. require.js and its json plugin.

You'll get this:

├── bower_components/
│   ├── globalize/ 
│   │   └── dist/
│   │       ├── globalize
│   │       │   ├── date.js
│   │       │   └── ...
│   │       └── globalize.js
│   └── ...
├── index.html
└── main.js

2. Install Dependencies

No action needed, because bower has already handled that for us.

3. CLDR content

No action needed, because bower has already handled that for us. Note .bowerrc has postinstall hook that populates bower's cldr-data skeleton. For more information, see bower's cldr-data.

Running the demo

Once you've completed the requirements above:

  1. Start a server by running python -m SimpleHTTPServer or other alternative servers such as http-server, nginx, apache.
  2. Point your browser at http://localhost:8000/.
  3. Understand the demo by reading the source code (both index.html and main.js). We have comments there for you.