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Open English WordNet

Open English WordNet is a lexical network of the English language grouping words into synsets and linking them according to relationships such as hypernymy, antonymy and meronymy. It is intended to be used in natural language processing applications and provides deep lexical information about the English language as a graph.

Open English WordNet is a fork of the Princeton Wordnet developed under an open source methodology. The quality and veracity of the resource may differ from the Princeton WordNet and we welcome contributions. Contributions to this wordnet may eventually be incorporated into future releases of Princeton WordNet. Correspondance to previous versions and wordnets in other language is provided through the Collaborative Interlingual Index (CILI). The Open English WordNet is available as individual files in GWN-LMF format.


Open English WordNet is released through the Open English WordNet website. The versions released are

The size of each resource is as follows

Edition Words Synsets Relations
2023 161,338 120,135 415,905
2022 161,221 120,068 386,437
2021 163,161 120,039 384,505
2020 163,079 120,052 385,211
2019 160,051 117,791 378,201
Princeton 3.1 159,015 117,791 378,203


To compile these into a single file please use the following script(s)

python scripts/
python scripts/

This will create a file at wn31.xml that contains the complete wordnet.

Further conversions are available through the converter here.


We welcome changes, to make a change please read our contributing guidelines and make a pull request.

Open English WordNet is a high-quality resource that acts as a gold-standard for natural language processing, as such we cannot accept any automatically generated results that have not been manually validated.

Please be aware that we use the Global WordNet Association LMF and please read the guidelines for using the format


WordNet is released under CC-BY 4.0


The canonical citation for English Wordnet is:

More recent papers describing it include:

It incorporates material from:

  • Christiane Fellbaum, editor (1998) WordNet: An Electronic Lexical Database. The MIT Press, Cambridge, MA.
  • Merrick Choo Yeu Herng and Francis Bond (2021) Taboo wordnet. In Proceedings of the 11th Global Wordnet Conference (GWC2021), University of South Africa (UNISA).


  • John P. McCrae
  • Alexandre Rademaker
  • Ewa Rudnicka
  • Bernard Bou
  • Daiki Nomura
  • David Cillessen
  • Ciara O'Loughlin
  • Cathal McGovern
  • Francis Bond
  • Eric Kafe
  • Michael Wayne Goodman
  • Merrick Choo Yeu Herng
  • Enejda Nasaj