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glob's irc time tracking bot.
currently running on irc.mozilla.org #timetracker


this bot monitors you irc status changes, and keeps a track of when you are in
its channel and not "away".

i use to to keep a track on my hours to keep my work/life balance in order, as
well as logging for tax purposes.


1. install cpanm and the local::lib perl module system-wide
2. copy configuration.json.sample to configuration.json and edit
3. run 'cpanm --verbose --local-lib ~/perl5/ --notest --installdeps .' to
   install perl modules
4. run './setup-db' to setup your database schema
5. run './timetracker' to run the bot
6. configure a systemd service using timetracker.service


join the configured channel.

to run commands either enter them into the channel preceded with ! (eg.
!help), or send the bot a private message.

use the "register" command to start tracking.
use the "timezone" command to set your local timezone (defaults to us/pacific).
use the "hours" command to set your weekly hours (defaults to 40).


38:25 Week [+00:25] 38/week : 7 Apr - 13 Apr
07:07 Monday    [-00:29]
09:36 Tuesday   [+02:00]
08:20 Wednesday [+00:44]
08:46 Thursday  [+01:10]
04:36 Friday    [-03:00]

the first line shows the total time worked for the week (38 hours 25 minutes),
that i worked 25 minutes more than my target of 38 hours per week.

following that is the daily breakdown.  for example on wednesday i worked 8
hours 25 minutes, which is 44 minutes more than my daily target.

and, yes, my distribution of hours during my week is very odd.


syntax: day [date]
shows details of the hours online for the specified date.
defaults to today if no date is provided.

syntax: edit "date" "adjustment" "reason"
adjusts the hours worked for the specified date.
eg. edit "last tuesday" "+8 hours" "public holidays"
eg. edit 2014-04-29 -45m left myself logged in during lunch

syntax: edits date
shows all your edits for the specified date.

syntax: help [command]
displays a list of commands, or help for a specific command if provided.

syntax: hours [hours]
displays or sets the number of hours you work per week.
the default is 40 hours per week.

syntax: ping
responds with "pong".  used to test the responsiveness of the bot.

syntax: register
register your current nick to be tracked by timetracker.
you must be both registered and in #timetracker for your time to be tracked.

syntax: report [start month] [end month
shows a summary of the months online for the specified range.
shows the current calendar year if no start month provided.

syntax: status
displays the last known status of your nick, either Away or Online.

syntax: timezone [zone|find zone]
displays or sets your time zone.
use "find" to grep for valid time zones
the default time zone is PST8PDT.

syntax: week [date]
shows a summary of the hours online for the specified date.
defaults to this week if no date is provided.