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Won the most innovative solution at Bitcamp 2019.πŸŽ–πŸŽ‰
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Won the most innovative solution at Bitcamp 2019.

An android application for citizens(users) which allows them to register issues on potholes in their area.
Web for report management

Usage Flow:

  • User clicks a photo of the pothole and registers a new issue.
  • The photo gets uploaded on the firebase database along with other information like GPS co-ordinates.
  • The image is downloaded in the server and served in the pothole detection script.
  • If pothole is detected an estimated area is calculated, id no pothole is detected user's issue gets rejected.
  • After successful detection details are uploaded on the web for administrator, these issue are forwarded to govt. officials.
  • Once the officials claim that they have fixed the pothole, the user gets a notification and they can close their issue if pothole is fixed

Technology Stack:

  • OpenCV
  • Android Studio
  • YOLOV2 Algorithm
  • Tensorflow lib
  • Firebase
  • Front End stack(HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap 4, jQuery)

User Interface:

pic1 pic2

pic3 pic4

pic5 pic6




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