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Mugshot provides you with a Sinatra application. You can create a **** file with these contents to start using Mugshot:
# -*- encoding: utf-8 -*-
require "rubygems"
require "mugshot"
run =>"/tmp/mugshot"))
Then you can run it with:
$ rackup
And access in your browser:
This would simply return the image located at /tmp/mugshot/myimg, converting it to a JPEG. Additionaly you can pass some operations to be performed over the image:
http://localhost:9292/resize/100x100/myimg/some-name.jpg # resizing to 100x100 pixels
http://localhost:9292/resize/100x/myimg/some-name.jpg # resizing to 100 pixels in width maintaining aspect ratio
http://localhost:9292/resize/x100/myimg/some-name.jpg # resizing to 100 pixels in height maintaining aspect ratio
http://localhost:9292/crop/200x150/myimg/some-name.jpg # resize and crop image to 200x150
http://localhost:9292/quality/70/crop/200x150/myimg/some-name.jpg # convert it to JPEG with quality of 70% and resize and crop image to 200x150
http://localhost:9292/background/red/crop/200x150/myimg/some-name.jpg # convert it to JPEG with red background and resize and crop image to 200x150
Supported operations
### Resize
-/resize/WIDTHxHEIGHT/id/name.jpg (ex:
+ /resize/WIDTHxHEIGHT/id/name.jpg (ex:
### Resize keeping aspect ratio
-/resize/WIDTHx/id/name.jpg (ex:
+ /resize/WIDTHx/id/name.jpg (ex:
-/resize/xHEIGHT/id/name.jpg (ex:
+ /resize/xHEIGHT/id/name.jpg (ex:
### Crop
-/crop/WIDTHxHEIGHT/id/name.jpg (ex:
+ /crop/WIDTHxHEIGHT/id/name.jpg (ex:
### Quality
-/quality/QUALITY/id/name.jpg (ex:
+ /quality/QUALITY/id/name.jpg (ex:
### Background
-/background/COLOR/id/name.jpg (ex:
+ /background/COLOR/id/name.jpg (ex:
Clone the repository and run:
$ bundle install
This will install all dependencies for you. Then you can run the specs and features:
$ rake spec
$ rake cucumber
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