Python client for interacting with GlobusOnline Nexus service
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Example python client for interacting with Globus Nexus service.

The main entry point to this library is nexus.Client. This allows access to all of the main methods.

When a user authenticates with Nexus, they are issued a token. An API client can validate a user's authentication by taking that token and calling client.authenticate_user(token).

This Library is Only an Example

This library is officially an example, and the Globus Team is not committed to supporting it. It is maintained on a "best effort" basis, and it is not guaranteed to work correctly as our service evolves.

Updates for February 13th, 2016

On 2016-02-13, Globus is slated to launch a new centralized authentication and authorization service named Globus Auth. We will be maintaining limited backwards compatibility for clients of the Nexus service, and this library will contain some instructional information regarding the transition.

As always, this library is example code intended as a reference, and not guaranteed to be fully functional.