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This program creates a proxy from a given credential and public key, without requiring a CSR. It can be used instead of M2Crypto to create a proxy for use with delegate_proxy activation.


First make sure the client library version 0.10.10 or later is installed in your python path:

python -c "from globusonline.transfer import api_client; print api_client.__version__"

Then build and install mkproxy to the correct location:

make install

It requires only gcc and the openssl library and headers. If your openssl is in a nonstandard location, you'll need to edit the Makefile and add -I and -L options to the gcc line, pointing at the include directory and lib directory respectively.

The install script copies mkproxy to the directory containing the globusonline.transfer.api_client.x509_proxy package. Once the executable is in place, it will be used instead of M2Crypto. This can be verified by checking that globusonline.transfer.api_client.x509_proxy.implementation is "mkproxy" instead of "m2".

Java Client Notes

If using mkproxy with the Java client, just build it with make and copy it to a fixed location that can be passed to the Java application (e.g. /usr/local/bin/mkproxy).

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