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DotCI Base Test Runner

DotCI can be configured to use Dockerfiles. In this case it uses the docker image defined in .ci.yml:image to git clone the project and run docker build against its Dockerfile.

This is a basic debian image that provides git so DotCI can run git clone.

It also provides a wrapper around docker command, that executes the original docker with all the parameters given except that when the docker command is build, it sets the datetime of all files in current . directory to a predefined datetime. It also adds /app/.git directory to .dockerignore so it's not send as part of the context to the Docker daemon.

This is needed to take advantage of docker caching mechanism. Otherwise because DotCI runs git clone on every test run, /app/* files have different datetimes on each run of the tests. Docker includes in the context both files and mtime of the files and therefore the Docker daemon believes that the context is always new and does not use the cached images.

An automated build of this repository can be found in Docker Registry.

An example project that uses DotCI with Dockerfile build and this base test runner can be found in glogiotatidis/dotci-reference-dockerfile.