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Mozilla Business Card Creator


This is a simple django application to dynamically generate mozilla branded business cards for mozilla representatives. The cards are generated using personal data available on mozilla wiki



You need to have system wide installed

  1. python (!)
  2. pip
  3. virtualenv
  4. pycairo (for svg2pdf convertion)
  5. pyrsvg (for svg2pdf convertion)
  6. the fonts you will be using (for svg2pdf convertion)

Mozilla-cards application

  1. ~$ git clone git://
  2. ~$ cd mozilla-cards
  3. ~$ git checkout dev
  4. ~$ ./scripts/
  5. ~$ source env/bin/activate
  6. (env)~$ cp
  7. edit
  8. (env)~$ python syncdb
  9. (env)~$ python migrate cardmanager


  1. activate the environment, if not already activated

    ~$ source ./env/bin/activate

  2. runserver

    (env)~$ python runsever

  3. Login to admin and upload a template

    You can you the demo templates from ./templates directory

  4. Go to frontend

    and order your cards by typing your email

Creating templates

Use your favorite SVG editing application, like Inkscape, to create the business card you want. When design is done, you need to xml edit the svg: For each field that is dynamic you need to change the id attribute to match a field name of Remobox template, like pmail, twitter, name etc.

Inkscape comes with an editor, or you can opt to use your favorite text editor.

When done, upload the template to the application using the administration interface and make sure that the new template is marked as default.


Giorgos Logiotatidis <glogiotatidis at>

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