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Supysonic Docker Image

Docker container for supysonicthe ingenious music server.


  1. Clone this repository

  2. Optionally setup a virtualenv

  3. Install docker-compose

    pip install docker-compose
  4. Build supysonic docker image

    docker-compose build 
  5. Setup the database

    This repo comes with a sqlite configuration. You can change to mysql or postgres by editing supysonic.conf

    sqlite3 ./data/supysonic.db < ./schema/sqlite.sql
  6. Link your music folder

    For example if you want to link to ~/Music

    ln -s ~/Music ./music
  7. Create supysonic user and add music folders using supysonic-cli

    docker-compose run supysonic supysonic-cli

    Detailed instructions on the use of cli can be found supysonic's README

  8. Start supysonic as daemon

    docker-compose up -d
  9. Connect to http://localhost:8000 and enjoy!


Supysonic exposes only a Subsonic compatible interface and thus it can by only used through apps that can connect to the API. I enjoy supysonic using DSub on Android (github repo with apks) and Jamstash on the web.