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The Helios Election Server

LICENSE: this code is released under the GPL v3 or later.

- as of Helios v3.1, requires Django 1.2.5+

- http://github.com/openid/python-openid
- rabbitmq 1.8
-- http://www.rabbitmq.com/debian.html
-- update the deb source
-- apt-get install rabbitmq-server

- celery 2.0.2 and django-celery 2.0.2 for async jobs
-- http://celeryq.org
-- apt-get install python-setuptools
-- easy_install celery
-- easy_install django-celery

- South for schema migration
-- easy_install South

- django-webtest for testing
-- http://pypi.python.org/pypi/django-webtest
-- easy_install webtest
-- easy_install django-webtest

- as of Helios v3.0.4, we're using South to migrate data models
- if you've already loaded the data model beforehand, you need to tell South that you've migrated appropriately
- so, if your data model is up to date with the code, do

python manage.py syncdb

to get the south db models set up, and then:

python manage.py migrate --list

- if there are some unchecked migrations, and you are SURE that your database is up to date with the models (which should be the case if you're on a v3.0.x version), then do

python manage.py migrate --fake