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Read Mozilla keyrings from command line
OCaml C
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This program reads passwords from a Mozilla keyring. It can run
entirely in text mode. It is merely a higher level version of
pwdecrypt, which is no longer convenient for direct use with
SQLite-based and JSON-based keyrings of recent versions of Firefox.

Requirements (versions known to work are between brackets):
 - Mozilla's Network Security Services (NSS) [3.12.6]
 - Objective Caml [3.12.0]
 - ocaml-fileutils [0.4.0]
 - ocaml-sqlite3 [1.5.6]
 - atdgen [1.3.1]
 - some pinentry obeying the Assuan protocol
     (e.g. pinentry-curses [0.8.0] from

Usage: run with --help option

Tested with:
 - Iceweasel 3.5.11 (should be OK with Firefox of same version)
 - Iceweasel 32.0 (should be OK with Firefox of same version)
 - Icedove 3.0.6 (should be OK with Thunderbird of same version)

 -- Stéphane Glondu <>  Tue, 31 Aug 2010 17:58:11 +0200
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