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ShopTalk Demo Application

ShopTalk is a demonstration mashup app that melds the VOIP services of CloudVox and the APIs provided by Shopify for 3rd Party app development.

Both are really cool services

In a nutshell a Shopify customer, a shop owner, can add the ShopTalk application to their shop and gain the ability to phone into that shop from a land line. In the current incarnation the caller, after identifying using an access code, is able to access the running total for orders placed in the shop that day.

Trying it out

The procedure for trying out this code yourself involves creating both a free CloudVox account and a Shopify developer API account. The application must be publicly available to work and I've include instructions for hosting the app on Heroku. Using Heroku is the easiest way I've found to get up and running quickly.

Sign up for a free CloudVox account and create a voice application

after signup create an application (mine is called ShopTalk)

make note of the application phone # and extension

to make free calls to your application you need to set up a Sip phone that talks to your Cloudvox account

I used X-Lite 4 (beta).

Sign up as a Shopify developer (also free)

create a Shopify application (mine was amazingly called ShopTalk)

make note of the API key and secret

Get the code for this app

fork this project on GitHub

clone it into your local environment

Sign up for a free Heroku account

get the Heroku gem

create the app using the gem

deploy the app using Git


heroku rake db:migrate

Set config variables (Shopify API key and secret + Cloudvox app)

heroku config:add \
  SHOPIFY_API_KEY=your-key \

Make note of the hostname Heroku assigned to your application

> heroku info

Configure your Shopify app

add the post install callback url to your application running on Heroku

Configure your Cloudvox application

When calls arrive a call plan is loaded from your application via an HTTP GET

Enter the url to your application on Heroku. like this...

Create a Test Shop in Shopify and add your ShopTalk application to it

Log in to the test shop as admin

Add some orders to your test shop.

Without logging out of the test shop, go to your app on heroku

Enter the url of your shopify test shop and you will be redirected back to the heroku app

Make note of the access code that is displayed on the ShopTalk homepage after installation


Dial the phone number of your Cloudvox application using your Sip phone

When prompted, enter the access code you wrote down earlier

Listen as the app reads to you information about orders created today.


Here is a recording I made of the app running

Feel free to leave a comment at that link.