Scripts to import the Cerema AWP dataset in hdf5 format
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Python notebook to import the Cerema AWP dataset in hdf5 format

The Cerema AWP (Adverse Weather Pedestrian) can be downloaded at

The proposed script here let you import in one single hdf5 file all images and labels, split into train and test sets (0.15% of the images in the test set), with an equivalent proportion of each class in train and test. Images can be resized be setting a proportion parameter, and cropped to be squared.


usage: [-h] [-s] [-p PROP] [-o OUTPUTFILE]

CeremaAWP Parser

optional arguments: -h, --help show this help message and exit -s Requires to crop images to get squares -p PROP Proportion of initial size for resizing (default 0.25) -o OUTPUTFILE Output file (default CeremaAWP0.25.hdf5)