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Glorious Cookie

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Glorious Cookie is available via npm:

npm i @glorious/cookie --save

Once installed, you just need import it in your module:

import gcookie from '@glorious/cookie';

or you may include it on your html:

<script src="/node_modules/@glorious/cookie/dist/gcookie.min.js"></script>


Intending to be as simple as possible, Glorious Cookie has only three methods.


** @key: String [required]
** @value: String [required]
** @days: Number [optional] - If not provided, cookie is removed when the user closes the browser.
** @path: String [optional] - If not provided, cookie is valid for the entire site.
gcookie.set(key, value, days, path);


** @key: String [optional] - If not provided, all cookies will be returned.


** @key: String [required]
** @path: String [optional] - If you have specified a path on gcookie.set(),
**                            it will be required here.
gcookie.remove(key, path);

Note: If cookies are not available, a warning will be logged when trying to set or remove a cookie.