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JSX-A11Y label-has-for Configuration #7

merged 2 commits into from Sep 4, 2018


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nancynaluz commented Aug 30, 2018

This PR proposes to make an adjustment to the label-has-for rule under thejsx-a11y linter.

Currently, the configuration of eslint-plugin-jsx-a11y will raise an error if an input is not wrapped with a label and will not recognize an id matched with its corresponding htmlFor as a valid and semantic form input.

This will allow the following to pass:

<label htmlFor="newsletter">Label</label>
<input type="email" id="newsletter" />

Although label-has-for is deemed deprecated, I still find that it's valid for us to raise issues when an input does not have a corresponding label.

Adjust jsx-a11y linter label-has-for rule.
Allow inputs to have sibling labels with an id associated by htmlFor rather than force labels to wrap around the input.

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nancynaluz commented Aug 30, 2018

@glossier/front-end CR, please.

Add spec for label-has-for exception.
Demonstrate example of using htmlFor with id for label and inputs for the label-has-for exception introduced in this commit: eb6e63b.

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LaurentDario commented Aug 31, 2018

So I'm questioning myself about the whole logic of label.
We can use aria-label on an input having no Label. In a way, I'd rather have a label everytime we have an input field, but do you think we should consider those times where design will want a simple field with nothing else? The way we're re-doing the fields, anyway, forces us to have a Label as placeholder, but do you think we should still try to cover the rare case we might have of no label?

I don't think we should for now, and if you agree then let's go on with this PR!


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nancynaluz commented Aug 31, 2018

@LaurentDario Actually I ran this test and it passes:

test('allows stand alone inputs with aria-label', t => {
  const result = lint(
    `const template = <div><input type='checkbox' aria-label='label' /></div>`
  ), 0)

What's weird is that this also passes:

test('allows stand alone inputs', t => {
  const result = lint(`const template = <div><input type='checkbox' /></div>`), 0)

But I would think that this would error out if it has no label or aria-label...

I think with the new design system, we'll always have a visible label so I think the proposed set up of using label-has-for should cover our grounds and at least error out inputs that don't have a corresponding id associated to the label.

For example, this would fail:

test('throws error when there is no associated label to the input', t => {
  const result = lint(
    `const template = <div><label>label</label>
  <input id='checkbox' type='checkbox' /></div>`
  ), 1)

This makes a lot of sense to me 🍗 Thanks for doing this here and not in @nancynaluz !

@nancynaluz nancynaluz merged commit 5cfc0fa into master Sep 4, 2018

@nancynaluz nancynaluz deleted the feature/jsx-a11y-linter-label-has-for-fix branch Sep 4, 2018

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