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GlotPress is a WordPress plugin to let you set up your own collaborative, web-based software translation tool.


Many open source projects span regions, countries and dialects and need to support a variety of translations, GlotPress is here to help you collaborate online with your translators to ensure your users see your software in their native language.

For more information about GlotPress, feel free to visit the channels listed below in the "Communication" section.

So who should use GlotPress?

Any developer of software that uses gettext, like WordPress theme or plugin authors. But that's just the start, anyone who uses a gettext-based system can use GlotPress to help their translators collaborate.

This plugin wouldn't be possible without all the hard work of the contributors to GlotPress and we'd like to thank all those who help make GlotPress.


Search for "GlotPress" in the plugin directory and install it.

After activating the plugin, GlotPress can be accessed via <home_url>/glotpress/

Manual Installation

$ cd /your/wordpress/folder/wp-content/plugins/
$ git clone glotpress

After activating the plugin, GlotPress can be accessed via <home_url>/glotpress/


More Info

More information can be found on the GlotPress Wiki or the manual.

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