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The Glottolog Data Repository

The Glottolog data repository is the place where the data served by the Glottolog web application is curated. But the repository also provides an alternative way to access Glottolog's data locally, and possibly even locally customized data by forking glottolog/glottolog.

How-to cite

Only released versions of the Glottolog data should be cited. These releases are archived with and available from ZENODO at


Data about Glottolog languoids (languages, dialects or sub-groups, aka families) is stored in text files (one per languoid) formatted as INI files in the languoids/tree subdirectory. The directory tree mirrors the Glottolog classification of languages.


The Glottolog bibliography is curated as a set of BibTeX files in the references/bibtex subdirectory, which are merged into a single reference database for each release/edition.


Metadata - e.g. controlled vocabularies for some of the languoid data - are stored as INI files in the config subdirectory.

Accessing data programmatically

You can access the data in a clone or release of this repository from Python programs using the pyglottolog package.

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