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# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
name = Atlantic-Congo
level = family
links =
family = The core is held together by regular sound correspondences in lexical items between subfamily languages, less systematic verbal extensions and noun class systems **hh:hv:Stewart:Potou-Akanic-Bantu**, **hh:hv:Stewart:Three-Grade**, **hh:hv:Becher:Atlantischen**, **hh:hv:Mukarovsky:WNigritic**, **hh:hv:PozdniakovSegerer:Atlantiques**, **hh:hv:Hyman:Niger-Congo**, **hh:hv:Holst:Atlantic** **hh:hv:Guldemann:Africa:Classification**:154-174, 177-179, 180-189, 194-199, 200-213, 213-223, 223-231. Mande **hh:hv:Guldemann:Africa:Classification**:189-192, Kordofanian, Ijoid **hh:hv:Guldemann:Africa:Classification**:174-177 and Dogon (cf. **hh:hv:Guldemann:Africa:Classification**:192-193) have not yet been shown to stand up to these criteria wherefore they are excluded. Regarding Siamou, as Prost **hh:s:Prost:Seme**:345 noted, apart from obvious loanwords, Siamou is neither Mande nor Gur. Contra **hh:vw:Person:Siamou**, although there are typological matches, Simaou differs from Kru throughout the comparison, and Siamou can thus not be verified as a Kru language **hh:hv:Zogbo:Kru** **hh:hv:Guldemann:Africa:Classification**:177-180. It lacks any of the diagnostic features of the Atlantic-Congo family and must thus be regarded as unrelated until such evidence is brought forward. The Pre or Mbre language in Côte d'Ivoire, known from wordlists only, is Atlantic-Congo but cannot be assigned to a specific branch at this time **hh:w:Blench:Pre**, **hh:vld:Boukari:Pre** **hh:hv:Guldemann:Africa:Classification**:180. The Mpra (= Mpre) language in Ghana has cognates with Atlantic-Congo especially Guang **hh:hew:Goody:Guang**, including numerals 2-5, but the bulk of the little vocabulary that is known, is not Atlantic-Congo **hh:w:Blench:Mpra**. On the grounds that the numerals are less likely to be borrowed, and that lexical innovation may produce vocabulary that looks unrelated to anything else, we count Mpra as an Atlantic-Congo language.
familyrefs =
**hh:hv:Guldemann:Africa:Classification**:154-169, 232-234
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