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# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
name = Ta-Ne-Omotic
level = family
family = (North) Omotic does not show diagnostic Afro-Asiatic features **hh:hv:Hayward:Omotic:2004**, **hh:hv:Bender:Omotic**, **hh:hv:Bender:Omotic:Lexicon**, **hh:hv:Theil:Omotic**, **hh:hv:Bender:Omotic:2010**, **hh:hv:Theil:Omotic:2012**, and is therefore excluded until such features can be shown. The Mao languages (Hozo, Seze, Bambeshi and Ganza) have not yet been shown to be (North or South) Omotic in morphology and/or core vocabulary, though there are some resemblances with North Omotic **hh:hv:Bender:Mao**, **hh:hv:Bender:Gumuz-Koman-Mao-Omotic**, **hh:hv:Bender:Omotic**, **hh:hv:Bender:Omotic:1975**, **hh:hv:Bender:Omotic:2010**. The evidence for the coherence of North and South Omotic (= Ari-Banna) **hh:hv:HaywardTsuge:Omotic**, **hh:hv:Fleming:Omotic-Cushitic:Lamberti**, **hh:hv:Lamberti:Ari-Banna:1961**, **hh:hv:FlemingLewis:Ari-Banna** is not sufficient **hh:hv:Fleming:Lamberti:Second**, **hh:hv:Lamberti:Ari-Banna**, **hh:hv:Zaborski:Afroasiatic:2007**, **hh:hv:Bender:Omotic:2010**, **hh:hv:Theil:Omotic:2012**. The resemablances between Dizoid and Ta-Ne-Omotic languages (especially Bench) are best explained as loans **hh:hv:Theil:Omotic:2012**:373-374.
sub = **hh:hv:Bender:Omotic**
familyrefs =
subrefs =
glottolog =
glottolog =
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