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# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
name = Nuclear Torricelli
level = family
links =
family = No evidence for the Bogia (Monumbo) languages being related to other Torricelli languages was ever presented **hh:hv:Laycock:Torricelli**. The low lexicostatistical figures from Wom [wmo] **hh:hv:GlasgowLoving:Maprik**:8 notwithstanding, inspection of Wom lexicon shows many obvious correspondences with Torricelli languages (I wish to thank Tim Usher and Matthew Dryer for convincing me of this) but the wide range of lexicostatistical similarity between Wom and various Arapeshan and Kombioic languages suggests than many items are borrowed, so do not constitute unequivocal evidence for subgrouping Wom with Kombioic and Arapeshan.
sub = **hh:hv:Laycock:Torricelli**
familyrefs =
subrefs =
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