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# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
name = Saharan
level = family
links =
family = No conclusive, methodologically sound basis for assigning Saharan to an alleged full or partial Nilo-Saharan has been presented **hh:hv:Blench:Nilo-Saharan**, **hh:hv:Bender:Nilo-Saharan:2000**, **hh:hv:Boyeldieu:Nilo-Sahariennes**, **hh:hv:Cyffer:Ancestors** **hh:hv:Guldemann:Africa:Classification**:294-309. The parallels adduced by **hh:hv:Dimmendaal:Nilo-Saharan:Stable** have been selected from various modern languages and have an alternative explanation as chance resemblances until shown to be reconstructable in the various microgroups.
sub = **hh:hv:Cyffer:Saharanischen**
familyrefs =
subrefs =
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