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Glottolog Languoid Data

Glottolog data related to languoids is curated in this directory. The classification tree is mirrored in the hierarchical directory structure of the tree subdirectory, and languoid-specific information is kept in text files following the INI file format within the respective directory of the languoid the information pertains to.

Navigating the languoid tree

To allow easier access to the languoid information files, three index documents are automatically generated:

A better way to navigate through the tree of languoids may be the Glottolog website, which allows searching languoids by name, ISO 639-3 code, glottocode, etc. Each languoid detail page on Glottolog links to the languoid info file in this repository.


How to request name changes for languoids

You may follow the procedure in the exemplary pull request 3 to change a name of a languoid. Alternatively, you may create a pull request through-the-web, following the steps described in issue #4.

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