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Glotzer Group

We develop molecular simulation tools to study the self-assembly of complex materials and explore matter at the nanoscale.

Pinned repositories

  1. HOOMD-blue is a general-purpose particle simulation toolkit. It scales from a single CPU core to thousands of GPUs.

    C++ 35 7

  2. Manage large and heterogeneous data spaces on the file system.

    Python 16 4

  3. Powerful, efficient particle trajectory analysis in scientific Python.

    Python 21

  4. Workflow management for signac-managed data spaces.

    Python 10 5

  5. GSD (General Simulation Data) is a file format specification and a library to read and write it. The package also contains a python module that reads and writes hoomd schema gsd files with an easy …

    Python 5

  6. fresnel is a python library for path tracing publication quality images of soft matter simulations in real time. The fastest render performance is possible on NVIDIA GPUs using their OptiX ray trac…

    C++ 10 1

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