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Native app for glowing-bear, the HTML5 irc client of the 21st century


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Native app for glowing-bear, the HTML5 irc client of the 21st century.

Supports Android and iOS (self-deploy only).

You can install the developer preview from the Google Play Store here.

Getting started

After cloning this repository, you will need to get the glowing-bear submodule:

git submodule init && git submodule update

Secondly, check out the wonderful nvm if you don't know it already, it's highly recommended.

Then, install cordova:

npm install -g cordova

Next, you need to have cordova generate all the necessary build files that aren't checked into git:

cordova platform add android

Lastly you need to tell cordova to get all of the plugins we use, and then you'll be ready to build!

cordova plugin restore

Building for Android

Type cordova build android to build. Your apk file will end up in the /platforms/android/build/outputs/apk/debug folder.

Some other commands you might want to have a look at are cordova emulate to build and install in an Android emulator instance, or cordova run to build and install onto a device (or an emulator). You can also have a look at for some more information.

Building for iOS

Due to licensing issues, Glowing Bear (probably) can't be published on Apple's App store. Fortunately, you can self-deploy apps to your phone for free (!) as of iOS 9 / Xcode 7.

First, add the platform:

cordova platform add ios

Then install all the plugins with cordova plugin restore as above.

Next, open the generated Glowing Bear.xcodeproj in Xcode. You'll need to change the Bundle Identifier to something unique to get the code signing to work. Otherwise, the default Bundle Identifier will only work in the emulator. Then, follow the steps at to deploy it to your physical device.

Note: As the Cordova build includes a copy of the GB source, it won't auto update. You'll need to update, recompile, and redeploy to get any new features of Glowing Bear.

Generating Splash Screen / Icons

Two high-res "template" pngs have been included in icons\ -- icon.png and splash.png. From these, a variety of icons and splash screens can be generated for the various platforms, without having to manually create each one. Install splashicon-generator from npm and ensure you have ImageMagick installed.

npm install splashicon-generator -g

Then run it from the root project directory, pointing it to the icons\ directory:

splashicon-generator --imagespath=icons/

See the documentation for splashicon-generator at , including how to set up config.xml for various platforms.


You should be able to debug a connected Android device or a running emulator using Chrome's Remote Debugging feature.


Native app for glowing-bear, the HTML5 irc client of the 21st century