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Command line tools

Since GLPI 9.2.2, command line tools are provided as supported scripts and are available from the scripts directory of the archive. On previous versions, those scripts were present in the tools directory that is not official and therefore not in the release archive.


If APCu is installed on your system, it may fail from command line since default configuration disables it from command-line. To change that, set apc.enable_cli to on in your APCu configuration file.


A PHP command line installation script is provided in the GLPI archive (scripts/cliinstall.php).

You have to specify at least a database name and an user:

# php scripts/cliinstall.php --db=dbglpi --user=userglpi

It is possible to specifiy some variables calling the script:

  • --host host name (localhost per default),
  • --db database name,
  • --user database user name,
  • --pass database user's pasword,
  • --lang language code to use (fr_FR as example). Will be set to en_GB per default,
  • --tests create tests configuration file,
  • --force do not check if GLPI is already installed and drop what would exists,
  • --help displays command help.


An update script is provided as well (scripts/cliupdate.php).

There is no required arguments, just run the script so it updates your database automatically.


Do not forget to backup your database before any update try!

Possible options for this command are:

  • --lang language code to use (fr_FR as example). Will be set to en_GB per default,
  • --help displays command help.
  • --config-dir set configuration file path to use,
  • --force force update, usefull when GLPI version does not change (mainly when working on it ;)),
  • --dev required to use a development version. Use it with caution...