These notes are the record of the process trying to resolve the Serpentine Tower Quest.
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Serpentine Tower Quest

These notes are the record of the process trying to resolve the Serpentine Tower Quest.

Table of contents


I'm going to start looking official/unofficial information about the Serpentine Tower Quest.

Official News

Search official topics about Serpentine Tower Quest in using the following query in Google: serpentine tower. These are the results in chronological order:

Oct 22 2010 - Answers from the Content Team - Part 4

Q: Will you reveal something about Serpentine Tower Quest?

Count Tofifti: Hey, I recently looked that Tower up and it's...
Knightmare (stern look): SECRET!
Count Tofifti: Well. Uhm. Yes, probably.
Lionet: Though I wonder if anyone already had the idea to apply...
Knightmare: Mind you if I apply a Homer Simpson choke grip on you?
Lionet: Oh. Uh. I just wanted to...
Knightmare (stern look)
Lionet (sighs): shut up and remain silent!
Knightmare: Splendid! As for an answer... well... how to approach it in a diplomatic way. Let's say: Some places you currently see in the game might play a greater role in an upcoming quest sooner or later. Other places though are just there for flavour. Others again might be part of something that is yet not discovered. As you can't interact in a meaninful way with each object, you can't interact with each theme. If there are quests that are not found yet though, it is unlikely that something about them will be revealed to enforce their discovery, especially it is unlikely such information would be revealed not in game.
Lionet (whispering): But couldn't you at least tell me if...
Knightmare (smiling sweetly): But of course I could! (voice becoming menacing) But then I'd have to kill you!
Lionet (laughing nervously): You are joking right?
Lionet (looking for Count Tofifti): He's joking, isn't he? Count? COUNT?! Where did he go...?

  1. Knightmare says: "(...) Some places you currently see in the game might play a greater role in an upcoming quest sooner or later.".
  2. According with TibiaWiki the Serpentine Tower was introduced in the Update 7.3 (August 11, 2004).
  3. That means that they had 6 years to implement the Serpentine Tower Quest with future quests. It is a lot of time!
  4. We shouldn't discard that the Serpentine Tower Quest it could be still part of a future quest.
Mar 07 2011 - Serpentine Tower - Myths and Theories

(...) The following theories, ideas and approaches to beat Serpentine Tower have been fully conceived by members of the Tibia community. Note that CipSoft assumes no liability for any damage that results to your character from following the suggestions mentioned... ;)

  1. The fact that Officially CipSoft take again the topic about Serpentine Tower Quest means that there is high chance that the quest it is fully implemented.
  2. We shouldn't discard any of the published theories if the quests is not implemented yet they could be a good material for the implementation in some way.
Feb 08 2012 - Your True Colour

  1. You see a door. The door seems to be sealed against unwanted intruders.
    A) Break it down!
    B) Could this be... a clue to solve the serpentine tower?
    C) Oh, I'm sure I'm wanted. knockknock Open up and let the sunshine in!
    D) I know exactly what's behind that door and what requirements you have to meet to pass through. Of course, I meet those requirements. You don't think I came all this way unprepared, do you?
  1. Again CipSoft mentions the Serpentine Tower Quest and that gives more importance.
Sep 12 2016 - A Night Full of Mysteries

When I was younger, someone told me that the sweaty cyclops Bencthyclthrtrprr would be willing to trade a warlord sword for 100 pieces of iron. Following up on this idea certainly helped me to get into shape but I'm still waiting for that warlord sword. I bet the Basilisk would scare Big Ben into handing it over.
This serpent looks so harmless on first glance but its stone gaze strikes terror into the hearts of many. My brave dwarven friends dread that beast even though they managed to trap it with a cave-in. I've tried to break through to it to get rid of the slippery, sneaky creature but to no avail so far. I've even started to search the mines for any of those rumoured Basilisk eggs. One thing is clear: I cannot allow those renegade dwarfs to gain control over it. I recently overheard some adventurers talking about reaching the Basilisk through Dwacatra, the prison isle. One of them even insisted that the Serpentine Tower holds the key to solving all mysteries at once. But this is a story for another night or day."

CM Post Archive

Search in the CM Post Archive if there is any interesting about the featured articles that includes the keyword Serpentine Tower Quest. I filtered the search using as initial date the featured article published date to the end of the same month but I didn't find any relevant.

Tibia Wikia Talk

Looking into the Tibia Wikia discussion. I read a lot of theories that are kind of obvious that even I have tried. But I found some interesting things:

(...) Also When u say this words.. he talks about it:

Ascension: The essence of the true gods is omnipresent in the universe. We all share this divine heritage, for every single one of us carries the divine spark inside him. This is the reason we all have a chance to ascend to godhood, too.
Akh: The Akh is a tool. As long as it is alive it is a burden and source of weakness, but if you ascend to undeath it becomes a useful tool that can be used to work towards greater ends.
Mourned: The dead mourn the living because they are weak and excluded from ascension.
Uthun: The Uthun is the part of the trinity that is easiest to form. It consists of our recollections of the past and of our thoughts. It is that which determines who we are in this world and it gives us guidance throughout our existence. Rah: The Rah is what the ignorant might call the soul. But it's more than that. It is the divine spark in all of us, the source of energy that keeps us alive.
Pharaoh: The immortal pharaoh is our god and our example. He alone holds the secrets that will save us all from the greedy grasp of the false gods.
Time: Time is your problem. It is no longer mine.
Scarab: If you know how to listen to them they will reveal ancient secrets to you.
Ankrahmun: This city is as old as the sands that surround it, and it is built on previous settlements that date back even further in time. Perhaps only the wise scarabs know the full story of this place.

(Wapil 08:46, January 2, 2010 (UTC))

We have to check what is the meaning of the NPC words and investigate deeper about Akh'rah Uthun.

check this text that is on 1 of the books that is on the serpentine tower

Mehrah asram cha mehe than. Uth a'thul at cha there. Orum tha cha elik jahara. Udhun zah fahr mal. Chamek at uthul hatradek asram. Mehrem alir iktha at uthun. Kasin tha Ur ch helim doh. Mah dah direm. Athul as hathu, athul as dofah, athul as mereth. Cha ukhtu muhn dahra. Sethor mah amin dah. At meruhm cha me dah. Chamek persim kaharah bah tufi. Moh dah rah. Moh Udhin cha uthul. Meheth Zuhl tha berah.
compare it with sth demons yell: CHAMEK ATH UTHUL ARAK!
im almost sure that it is the same language..
maybe telling the text of the book to some1 who knows about demons or sth like that idk, maybe avar tar cuz he knows about the demon lords and things like that, i will check it out when i got time, maybe asking him about serpentine tower or telling him things the book says..
or if u know any other npc that may know about demons and things like that u can try it out

Rydok Xenn 06:50, January 8, 2010 (UTC)

We should try to decode the book. Rydok Xenn is right about the words that the demon yells, so investigate about demon language could help to translate the book and looks like some NPC in Port Hope knows about the language.

The name and coiled construction of the tower are references to snakes. I found some interesting myths related to snakes on the web:

"Poison and medicine Serpents are connected with poison and medicine. The snake's venom is associated with the chemicals of plants and fungi (...) that have the power to either heal, poison or provide expanded consciousness (and even the elixir of life and immortality) through divine intoxication." (

On the counter there are leaves, twigs and moldy (fungus) cheese. NPCs mention immortality as the ultimate goal. Maybe someone was trying to cook this elixir. Another different myth regarding snakes:

"Philip's angle was that the mixture of both the snake venom and blood was perhaps the original 'elixir of life' and this is what made his thesis refreshing and exciting. In his manuscript Philip stated that these two properties of the one snake were mixed in a 'human skull cap' - adding that this "bowl" was possibly the origin for the Holy Grail vessel." (

There are slime (venom) and blood spots, and skulls in the room. Maybe, a different approach to get the elixir.

Thascius 18:24, May 1, 2010 (UTC)

We should check what "elixirs" could be prepare in Tibia and if there is any relation with the Serpentine Tower Quest.

Hello everybody, this is my first edit in tibiawiki, i had been reading the discussion and I was investigating about this quest when i was pacc, on Honera. I looked for clues exclusively in the Tower and Ankramun libraries, and i noticed for something that could be very interesting, thinking like Cip and their word games...
We find in serpentine Tower 8 "Researchnotes" ( 4*2 = 8 ), and each note haves a CODE (One letter and Four numbers)
I will list the Codes in Order:

74-08 G <--- Research into improving the Find Person spell.
35-22 D <--- Research into the "Foeburner" spell.
56-09 A <--- Summoning strong demonic creatures.
33-16 H <--- Researching the "stoneskin" spell.
88-04 F <--- XXXXXX research has been abandoned at the request of the pharaoh.
77-04 D <--- Research into the "move earth" spell.
44-33 C <--- (This is the one over the Table, Above the blood spot) Completion of the "Divination" spell.
02-56 A <--- Research on the cat-eye spell.

I tried Many things, first, I tried to order These Papers by alphabetical order, but no clue. second, i tried to make words with these letters, no clue, then I tried to order the Numbers, but I had no time doing so cuz of the pacc.

I find many suspicious things on these papers.

First, this is the ONLY place where you will find a "Paper", if is somewhere else you can find it. (post it please) but so far, i had only found these items in serpentine tower.

Second. The paper we find over the table (above the blood) haves different cualities compared with the rest, its "code" it's more regular than the other ones (44-33) and it's the only one with the "C" letter in the code.

As well, other papers have suspicious charasteristics, for example. the 88-04 F. It's the only "F", also it haves the Highest number

(88) and, moreover, it descripts a "XXXXXXX" Spell

Third. We can find several bonds with one paper and another. Example:

35-22 D
33-16 H
44-33 C
77-04 D
88-04 F

Unfortunately i couldn't complete this research and I'm not completely sure of it's Validity, but so far. nothing has been proven to be valid. And we have to keep an eye of EVERY detail of the tower and the possible places connected with it.
Hope it Helps :D

Beholder0904 04:36, August 29, 2010 (UTC)