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This Vim plugin brings friendly, syntax-highlighted Vim tips to your messages area. At 78 characters these have enough substance to inspire but not enough to distract. Try it out:


The location of the tips file is configurable, so this plugin may also serve you as a "daily tip" engine which draws from your own notes. (Not actually daily though, it doesn't include any timing mechanism.)

The target audience is intermediate level. Contributions are welcome!


This is what a tip looks like on my Vim when hooked to the VimEnter event (and 'cmdheight' is set to 2).



Move the files into their respective directories inside your ~/.vim directory (or your $HOME\vimfiles directory if you're on Windows).

With pathogen.vim the installation is as simple as:

cd ~/.vim/bundle
git clone cottidie


The tips appear truncated/incomplete/otherwise mangled in the messages area.

I'm aware of the issues with :echo. Hopefully I can find the time to look into this, but until then refer to this report on the vim_dev mailing list.

Vim errors out with E484 when it tries to load my remote tips file.

Try adding "nested" to the VimEnter autocommand so that it reads

autocmd VimEnter * nested CottidieTip