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Select a Visual block of indentation whitespace (deprecated: use vim-textobj-indblock instead)

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DEPRECATED: Use textobj-indblock instead

Spacebox is a simple Vim plugin which allows you to select a Visual block of
indentation whitespace based on the indentation of the current line.

The plugin provides the single command ":SpaceBox" for that matter. In the
following code fragment, when the cursor is resting on "200", ":SpaceBox"
selects the Visual block marked by the middots.

foreach my $q (@$questions) {
    if ($q->answered()) {
········my $upvotes = 0;
········foreach (@{ $q->answers() }) { $upvotes += $_->upvotes() }
········push @good_answers, $q if $upvotes > 200;


See the documentation for details.


Move spacebox.vim into the ~/.vim/plugin directory and spacebox.txt into the
~/.vim/doc directory. (On Windows, replace "~/.vim/" with "~\vimfiles\".)

With a plugin manager such as pathogen the installation is as simple as:

cd ~/.vim/bundle
git clone git:// spacebox

Finally, don't forget to run ":helptags" or equivalent on your doc directory
to register the spacebox help file.
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