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In Celtic mythology, the apple tree is a symbol for fruitfulness. May data.tree blossom and fructify!
In the Ulster Cycle, the soul of Cú Roí was confined in an apple that lay in the stomach of a salmon which appeared once every seven years. Let's hope that the next data.tree release will appear earlier!

Release Notes

  • REMOVE: Removed the cacheAttribute parameter from Aggregate and Cumulate (they were confusing, even to me. Use Do instead to manually store aggregate values in the tree)
  • ADD: plot function (see ?plot.Node)
  • ADD: ToDataFrameTypeCol to export e.g. the path to columns by level in columns: ToDataFrameTypeCol(acme)
  • ADD: Node$AddSibling
  • ADD: Node$RemoveAttribute now contains a mandatory parameter so that it can be used if the node does not have the attribute to be removed.
  • ADD: Get works on methods without args
  • IMPROVE: FormatFixedDecimal and FormatPercent work for NULL values
  • IMPROVE: Documentation
  • FIX: Aggregate will not return attribute from callee anymore, but always aggregate children attributes
  • FIX: Removed ... parameter from ToListExplicit and ToListSimple
  • FIX: Clone was adding empty children list, which caused a series of problems (#44)
  • FIX: Cloning a subtree does not keep reference to un-cloned parent anymore (#49)
  • FIX: print with limit parameter ignored formatter (#43)
  • FIX: cannot rename to int, e.g. acme$Do(function(x) x$name <- x$position) (#53)