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commit 7e1f0b48298fbe834c55f948847a21dda7a3b5c1 1 parent cb259d6
@glucero authored
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@@ -31,6 +31,8 @@ example configuration 'configuration.json':
"keymap": { # keymap actions reference methods in keymap.rb
"main_window": "RETURN+COMMAND+SHIFT",
+ "activate_window_1": "1+COMMAND+SHIFT",
+ "activate_window_2": "2+COMMAND+SHIFT,
"remove_all_windows": "Q+COMMAND+SHIFT",
"rotate_layout_counterclockwise": "K+COMMAND+SHIFT", # *** WARNING ***
"rotate_layout_clockwise": "J+COMMAND+SHIFT", # these keymaps are global, map carefully.
@@ -73,7 +75,7 @@ example layout 'my_layout.json'
### todo
* clean up and documentation (this is an ongoing todo item)
- * a few more default layouts and more keymaps
+ * default layouts and lots more keymaps
* multi-layout/monitor support
* observer to notify fusuma when a window opens/closes/changes state
* fix sizing of fixed-ratio windows like terminals and editors with fixed width fonts like MacVim/Emacs (if this is even possible)
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