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Repository to run nightly conda builds of glue packages
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This repository is used to build nightly 'developer' versions of the various glue packages for conda. To install these versions, you can install glueviz from the glueviz/label/dev channel:

$ conda install -c glueviz/label/dev glueviz
Fetching package metadata .............
Solving package specifications: .

Package plan for installation in environment /Users/tom/miniconda3/envs/dev:

The following NEW packages will be INSTALLED:

    glue-core:          0.11.0.dev20170705102151.3ea9531-py36_0 glueviz/label/dev
    glue-vispy-viewers: 0.8.dev20170602171439.7533769-py36_0    glueviz/label/dev
    glueviz:            0.10.4.dev20170523215155.bd41d10-0      glueviz/label/dev

Versions on

Package Latest Version
glue-core: Anaconda-Server Badge
glue-vispy-viewers: Anaconda-Server Badge
glue-wwt: Anaconda-Server Badge
glue-geospatial: Anaconda-Server Badge
glue-samp: Anaconda-Server Badge
glue-regions: Anaconda-Server Badge
glueviz: Anaconda-Server Badge
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