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Experimental 3-d data viewer based on VisPy
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Glue plugin for 3D viewers using VisPy

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Note that this plugin requires Glue and PyOpenGL to be installed - see this page for instructions on installing Glue. PyOpenGL should get installed automatically when you install the plugin (see below).

While this plugin uses VisPy, for now we bundle our own version of VisPy since we rely on some recently added features, so you do not need to install VisPy separately.


If you use the Anaconda Python Distribution, you can install this plugin with:

conda install -c glueviz glue-vispy-viewers

To install the latest stable version of the plugin, you can do:

pip install glue-vispy-viewers

or you can install the latest developer version from the git repository using:

pip install

This will auto-register the plugin with Glue. Now simply start up Glue, open a data cube, drag it onto the main canvas, then select '3D viewer'.


To run the tests, do:

py.test glue_vispy_viewers

at the root of the repository. This requires the pytest module to be installed.

Using the isosurface viewer

The isosurface viewer is currently still unstable - to enable it, put the following in a file called file in your current working directory:

from glue_vispy_viewers.isosurface import setup as setup_isosurface
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