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Quick Guide to Data Explorer: 

- Getting Started


- For JavaScript hacking only: A web browser

- For back end changes:
- Visual Studio 2010
- .NET Framework 4.0
- SQL Server Express or above
- IIS7 and Url Rewrite 2.0 are required for odata endpoint support:, if you do not require that support you can safely comment out the rewrite rule from web.config 
- If you want to compile release make sure "java" is in your path, java is used to bundle the js files. 

The File layout

- If you would like to hack on the grid or the SQL editor (change syntax highlighting, experiment with new JavaScript features) checkout the Static directory. 
   The Static directory contains a single page with the grid and editor. It references the main js and css files in the project. 

- The Lib directory contains all the 3rd party libraries we use
- The Tools directory contains exes that help in the build process 
- The App directory contains the actual SEDE app
- The Data directory contains a blank schema for a "Stack" site and the schema for data explorer.

Configuring the databases:

- Run migrate.local.bat in the migration directory, then import some data about the sites from the SeedData/sites.sql script. It assumes the DB is called "DataExplorer", if you name it differently or have a named instance, you will have to edit the batch file. 
- Import data into the Stack Overflow database (and any other databases you wish to query) alternatively if a DB exists you can simple run queries that do not depend on data like "SELECT 1"  

- Contributing Patches

1. Install a mercurial client such as tortoiseHG:
2. Create a clone of the current trunk in google code on this page:
3. Check out your clone
4. Commit your changes to the clone 
5. Open up a question on asking for your change to be merged, tag it data-explorer

Full list of all third party software used to build Data Explorer:

- ASP.NET MVC Version 2:
- Code Mirror:
- jQuery 1.4.2:
- jQuery validation:
- JSon.Net:
- DotNetOpenAuth:
- YUI Compressor:
- Slick Grid:
- Simple Error Handler is derived off:
- Recaptcha.dll is licensed under MIT see: ... code is available here:


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