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This is an open source repository of a technical club GLUG MVIT to have a list of students participating in the Hacktoberfest.

Steps to Contribute

  1. Fork the repository

  2. Clone your forked repository

git clone <link-of-your-cloned-repos>
  1. Make changes to the cloned repos

  2. Run the following three commands

git add --all

git commit -m "Your-msg-here"

git push origin master
  1. Then in github , in your cloned repository find the option to make a pull request

Successfully you have created a PR

Rules for making changes to this repository

If you have participated in the Hacktoberfest, do write your name in the format as specified below.

Sl. No. Name Designation College/Workplace PR 1 PR 2 PR 3 PR 4 PR 5
1. Aditya Raman Student Sir MVIT Glug Blog GLUG Website Hacktoberfest Hacktoberfest_19
2. Abhishek Bhalotia Student Sir MVIT )
3. Arsh Deep Student Sir MVIT Hacktoberfest_19 Hacktoberfest
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