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Voltos ( is a secure credentials-as-a-service platform for app and system developers.

Are you tired of:

  • Forgetting to .gitignore your environment config file?
  • Building & maintaining your custom credentials storage solution?
  • Relying on credentials management that only work on specific deployment platforms?
  • Developing workarounds for sharing credentials with team members ... and then managing updates?

Voltos stores your credentials (e.g. API keys, usernames, passwords, tokens, configuration settings) in a secure, central location - so that your apps can access them securely as environment variables, and you can more easily manage & access them.


Installing on your dev platform

If your platform isn't listed above: you can download and install voltos onto your OS via:

Getting started

Sign up

$ voltos signup

Sign in

$ voltos auth

Create bundle of credentials

$ voltos create piedpiper-backend

Add credentials to bundle

## add to default bundle in use
$ voltos set MAILSERVICE=17263ed6547a7c7d8372
$ voltos set DEV_URL=

List credentials in a bundle

$ voltos list

List all bundles of credentials that you can access

$ voltos list --all

Share bundle of credentials

$ voltos share

Unshare bundle of credentials

$ voltos retract piedpiper-backend

Remove credentials

## remove from default bundle in use
$ voltos unset DEV_URL

Destroy bundle of credentials

$ voltos destroy piedpiper-backend

Using Voltos with your apps

When you're done loading up your bundles with credentials, you'll want to start using them with your apps.

Running locally

Select a bundle of credentials that your app will use

$ voltos use piedpiper-backend

Then run your app inside a voltos process: your app will have access to the bundle of credentials currently in use

$ voltos run "rake customers:update"

# runs the rake task customers:update, which can access credentials in the 
# bundle `piedpiper-backend` as environment variables

$ voltos run "rails s -p $PORT"

# runs a rails app server on a given port, which can access credentials in the
# bundle `piedpiper-backend` as environment variables

How it works: voltos securely retrieves an API token for the selected bundle and stores it in .env as VOLTOS_KEY. voltos will use VOLTOS_KEY any time it needs to access, manage and switch between bundles of credentials. .env is also added to .gitignore to protect against accidental source commit.

Deploying with Voltos

We've got deployment for.

The rest to come. We'd love to hear from you about how you'd like to deploy (