Vim configuration file for Python & Go
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Feel free to use it and suggest improvements via Issues. Keep in mind that I use it (mostly) for editing Python files.


  • Vim 7.3+ with Python support (check the latter with vim --version | grep +python)
  • exuberant-ctags system package for taglist.vim plugin
  • Vim with clipboard support is recommended (vim-gnome package in Debian)
  • create virtualenvs for Black and (optionally) Neovim - see " Black and " NeoVim in _vimrc for specific locations


  • Clone this repo

  • Copy or symlink my _vimrc as your ~/.vimrc

  • Install vim-plug on Linux:

    curl -fLo ~/.vim/autoload/plug.vim --create-dirs \

    or read here for different platform

  • vim +PlugUpdate

To see how to manage plugins please refer to the vim-plug wiki.