DOMAN digital position feedback servo example code
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DOMAN position feedback servo

The servos DOMAN S2003MD and S2000MD are now available with digital position feedback without the need of additional wires.

How to

To get the current angle, send a 50us (microsecond) pulse to the servo motor. The servo will pull the control wire high after the microseconds that represent the current position. This can be done using Arduino:

pinMode(pin, OUTPUT);
digitalWrite(pin, HIGH);
delayMicroseconds(50); // send a 50 us pulse to get the current position
digitalWrite(pin, LOW);
pinMode(pin, INPUT);
int position = pulseIn(pin, HIGH); //e.g. 500-2500


Teach and Replay

Wire the servo as shown below:


Press enter on the serial monitor (enable Carriage return) to teach the current angle. 3 angles can be teached. Press enter to replay the angles.

Mirror movement

Wire two servos according to:


Move the servo connected to pin 9. The servo on pin 10 should follow. Open the serial plotter to view the read angle.

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